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Inspiration & Creation

I have always had a passion for creating things by hand.


I have found that I can translate my love of lightness, texture and shape into my ceramics and I get great satisfaction in creating pieces that evoke these qualities.


My inspiration comes from the natural world, and I hope to reflect the wonderful forms and textures of nature within my pottery.


I use a variety of techniques and firing methods on highly burnished unglazed forms to create unique pieces that are  stimulating both to the eye and to the touch.


I burnish the forms to a highly smooth surface before bisque firing. To create the different effects I will then refire them in my raku kiln wrapped in tin foil adding such things as seaweed, horsehair, sawdust and copper wire or I will  place pieces in the garden incinerator with seaweed and salts to create wonderful random patterns, colours and smoke effects.

All my ceramic pieces are hand made in my garden studio in Suffolk.


Please contact me for any further information.

Selena Bragg Ceramics, Handmade Pottery, Suffolk, UK
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